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  1. Totilar
    Carrion definition, dead and putrefying flesh. See more. Reply
  2. Tozahn
    Carrion flips the script in a super cathartic way.. Instead of playing as a heavily-armed soldier, you're in control of an uncontainable monster that has to tear through an underground research 8/ Reply
  3. Bracage
    Infiltrator Edit. Infiltrator Upgrade Container. Arachnoptysis DNA Edit. Arachnoptysis (or Cobweb Shooting) Is the first Offensive ability that the Carrion comes across, it allows you to shoot a cobweb that can either temporarily trap your victims or be used in puzzles to activate switches and levers. Reply
  4. Kazrakasa
    Mar 03,  · More intuitive controls of the carrion creature when it reaches max biomass. The current response feels amazing at times, while falling behind at others. Often the creature does not go the direction you are intending (at max size), simply because it's hard to tell what particular part of the creature is currently leading, even when swimming. Reply
  5. Shakagore
    Carrion is remarkably successful in so far that its visuals, sound design and interaction come together to create something truly horrifying, beautiful and engrossing, but its novelty wanes, and what you are left with is surprisingly superficial. It smoothly passes through your system the same way its goopy anti-protagonist passes through Developer: Phobia Game Studio. Reply
  6. Grok
    Jul 23,  · Carrion is a game for anyone who has ever stopped at a mirror to glance at that screaming flesh prison we call a body and thought, “Ugh, I’m a monster.”. A pixelated side-scrolling. Reply
  7. Fauzshura
    Jun 09,  · Carrion is a reverse horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origin. Stalk and consume those that imprisoned you to . Reply
  8. Voodoogore
    Define carrion. carrion synonyms, carrion pronunciation, carrion translation, English dictionary definition of carrion. n. Dead and decaying flesh. adj. 1. Of or similar to dead and decaying flesh. 2. Feeding on such flesh. n 1. dead and rotting flesh 2. eating carrion. Reply

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