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  1. Yozshurisar
    A Dutch psychiatrist named Frederik van Eeden came up with the term lucid dreaming in But lucid dreaming isn't new. Aristotle may have been the first to write about lucid dreaming, although he didn't have a term for it. And some Tibetan Buddhists have been practicing something like lucid dreaming for a very long time: dream yoga. Reply
  2. Duzil
    Prometheus is a titan of old. He is the fire thief. The life breather. A trickster deity and the author of the arts. Prometheus Dreaming is an online cultural journal dedicated to those things that make his sacrifice worthwhile. The depths of the soul. The oddities of life. Reply
  3. Daigul
    Lucid dreaming is something that occurs naturally while we are dreaming, that,causes us to become completely self aware and in control of things within the dream world. It usually happens at random and only appears to lasts for a very brief period of time. Reply
  4. JoJole
    Jun 19,  · Lucid dreaming may form the foundation of dream yoga, but through the use of advanced tantric energy work, visualizations of Tibetan iconography and the integration of psycho-spiritual archetypes or yidams, dream yoga goes way beyond our Western notion of lucid dreaming. Reply
  5. Vohn
    Apr 26,  · Studies led by neuropsychologists Ursula Voss and Martin Dresler have shown that the brain activity during lucid dreaming bears the core features of REM sleep but is distinct from both non-lucid. Reply
  6. Digrel
    Feb 01,  · Lucid dreamers use their conscious control center in the prefrontal cortex while the rest of the brain is in a dream-like state. In other words, in a lucid dream, your brain's control center is. Reply
  7. Vizragore
    Yet in lucid dreaming, the model of the modern self is completely reversed. The surreal nature of dreams makes destabilization a constant factor. The lucid dreamer cannot always depend on internalized norms for effective movement in a rapidly changing dreamscape. On the contrary, the lucid dreamer must repeatedly reinvent himself or herself in. Reply
  8. Mera
    Lucid Dreaming Stephen LaBerge Lucid Dreaming Contents Foreword by Robert Ornstein, Ph.D. 1. Awake in Your Dreams 2. The Origins and History of Lucid Dreaming 3. The New World of Lucid Dreaming 4. Exploring the Dream World: Lucid Dreamers in the Laboratory 5. The Experience of Lucid Dreaming 6. Learning Lucid Dreaming 7. Reply

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